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Long Beach Food Scene Intel: Unlimited booze event to benefit Garage Theatre; Beer Lab opens in Zaferia; more


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Long Beach Food Scene Intel is a series from Brian Addison that will recap food news throughout the city, both news that needs just a quick mention or repeated news where you might have missed the full features.

Long Beach Beer Lab opens new location, ‘Z Station,’ in Zaferia

After announcing they would partner with the owner of Bar Envie, Geoff Rau, to take on the space in Zaferia in October, Long Beach Beer Lab owners Levi and Harmony Fried have officially opened their “Z Station” location at 4000 E. Anaheim St. Long Beach Food Scene member Paul Boyd-Batstone said the house-made sourdough pizzas and beer are “fabulous”—and, well, we can certainly take his word: The fermenting masters have rightfully built a name for themselves with their OG location in Wrigley.

Villalobos takes over the former Cheko space

Market Street in North Long Beach was once home to the mariscos gem that was Cheko El Rey del Sarandeado (later named just El Rey del Sarandeado), which announced its closure after serving the community for eight years. But there is a silver lining: A newly minted joint (reappropriating the former blue awning of Cheko) called Villalobos has opened. And while it is not remotely reflective of the extensive mariscos offerings that Cheko had—Villalobos keeps it traditional and basic with shrimp tacos, chicken enchiladas, carne asada burritos…—it is nice to have a storefront which is not empty.

Long Beach’s best theatre is hosting an all-you-can-drink ‘booze ball’

Underground and alternative theatre sensation Garage Theatre—easily offering Long Beach the most challenging, irreverent, and edgy theatrical experience for over two decades—is having its first of what they hope to be an annual fundraising event: Bad Santa’s Booze Ball. The unlimited-tasting, four-hour, alcohol-centric event will be hosted at Rosemallows in DTLB. For tickets, click here.

Shlap Muan continues to expand its winged empire

Shlap Muan is taking the world of Khmer chicken wings well beyond the walls of its OG North Long Beach location on South Street: After expanding to three other locations—one inside Rosemallows in DTLB, another inside the Daisy Ghost Kitchen, as well as scoring a coveted spot at Downtown Los Angeles’s much-loved Smorgasbord—Shlap Muan will now be serving the community of Pasadena via its Allied Food-to-Go ghost kitchen.

For Brian Addison’s full feature on Shlap Muan for Eater LA, click here.

For those that don’t know: Marlena is also a cafe

Marlena has quickly built up a name as the city’s best new restaurant since opening in October in Naples—but few know that the space is also a cafe before transitioning to a full restaurant each day at 5PM. And they offer some of the city’s finest pastries (including what could very well be the best ham’n’cheese croissant in Long Beach?) thanks to Minnie Choe. Wife of Marlena Chef Michael Ryan, her Paper Moon Bakery offers genuinely stellar, carby wonders. And get there early: Her pastries are already selling out each morning.

ICYMI: Miracle at The Ordinarie is open (and yes, you can get in via a walk-in)

Miracle at The Ordinarie in Downtown Long Beach has officially opened its door, switching over from its (already missed) stellar autumn menu to make way for the city’s most elaborate, over-the-top, saturated-in-saccharine-tacky awesomeness holiday food space. The story of how it comes to be is worth a read—but it bears repeating: Reservations have long been booked but that doesn’t matter because walk-in space has been expanded and the waits haven’t been crazy. Check out more pics and the story here.

ICYMI: Check out Rep. Robert Garcia’s love of the Long Beach food scene

The congressman’s heart is and will always be intimately attached to Long Beach—especially its food, where weekly traditions at Deli News, regrettable decisions smoothed out by the sadly now-defunct 24-hour diner that was Shore House Cafe, and the connection to the city’s growing culinary scene have induced both happiness upon return from and nostalgia while working The Hill in D.C. We talk the lament of the loss of Hof Hut’s best location (2nd and PCH), the restaurants changing the city (Ammatoli, Noble Bird, The Attic, and more in his opinion), and why food is rad. Read the full story here.

Brian Addison
Brian Addison
Brian Addison has been a writer, editor, and photographer for more than a decade, covering everything from food and culture to transportation and housing. In 2015, he was named Journalist of the Year by the Los Angeles Press Club and has since garnered 25 nominations and three additional wins. In 2019, he was awarded the Food/Culture Critic of the Year across any platform at the National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards.


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