Thursday, April 25, 2024

Restaurant Features

Popular OC-based chain Jan’s Health Bar opening first location in Long Beach

One of Orange County's most successful and championed businesses, Jan's Health Bar, has expanded into six locations across the county—and will cross the Orange Curtain for the first time when it opens near Loynes Drive and Pacific Coast Highway in East Long Beach.

Marlena’s brunch proves why it is Long Beach’s best new restaurant

Marlena—one of Long Beach's newest restaurants from newly minted restaurateur Robert Smith, Chef Michael Ryan, hospitality maestro Debra Zelenka, and cocktail connoisseur David Castillo—has quickly garnered a loyal legion of patrons.

In much needed expansion of the Black food scene, Taste of the Caribbean opens in Long Beach

Chef Bernard James, who started his Taste of the Caribbean food truck back in 2014 before opening Hollywood's sole brick-and-mortar dedicated to Caribbean food, has officially opened up shop in East Long Beach.

Michael’s on Naples breaks cardinal rule and goes full Italian-American

At Michael's, as has always been the case, one will not find plates of chicken or eggplant parmigiana. That's changed—at least on Tuesdays, when the Italian staple goes full-on Italian-American with their "Brooklyn Nights" offerings.

Viaje in Belmont Shore is home to Long Beach’s most underrated cocktail program

Viaje in Belmont Shore serves as one of the most underrated spaces when it comes to the growing cocktail game, with head bartender Tiquio Serratos exploring with Mexican spirits and ingredients that honor and uplift our neighbor to the south.

Altar Society is part of a Downtown Long Beach rebirth—so they’re hosting a crawl to celebrate the other businesses joining them

Altar Society will be hosting a Long Beach Food Scene meet-up that will eventually become a crawl, hitting up ISM, The Stave, and ending at The Ordinarie come Mar. 8—all in celebration of Long Beach Last Call.

Speak Cheezy’s kinda-New Haven, sorta-cold cheese pie is one of the best in the Long Beach pizza scene

In what is undoubtedly a renaissance within the Long Beach pizza scene, Chef Jason Winters has created the thin-crust, cheese pizza of our dreams at Speak Cheezy.

Long Beach’s ReMix Kitchen Bar to partner with ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ runner-up Chef Benvenuti in hopes to permanently rebrand space

ReMix Kitchen Bar, the fusion cuisine space at Long Beach Exchange, is looking to do a massive rebrand that will hopefully become permanent: Bringing...