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Menu Updates

Long Beach Food Scene Intel: Tito’s expands; El Sauz opens 4th Street location; more

Long Beach Food Scene Intel is a series from Brian Addison that will recap food news throughout the city, both news that needs just a quick mention or repeated news where you might have missed the full features.

Baby Gee unveils Halloween week menu (free jello shots included)

Like The Social List down the street, Baby Gee is entering into the Halloween spirit with a week-long celebration of goulash drinks'n'bites.

Before Miracle takes over, experience The Ordinarie’s stellar menu from its new chef

The Ordinarie's central concept—that American hospitality can and should be a way to connect people—is something it will never stray from, even amid seemingly constant evolution.

The Social List’s dedication to Halloween is ghoulishly sip worthy

The vibe is certainly one that stands out on 4th Street: jack-o-lanterns hang across the parklet, the skeletons of former Yelpers and Karens drape the walls, the hats of witches sway from the ceiling with the disco ball...

Behind the tradition of the chile en nogada at Lola’s in Long Beach

For Lola's co-owner Luis Navarro, serving up a variety of dishes that go beyond the stereotypical view Americans often have of Mexican food has long been in his repertoire—and the tradition of offering up chile en nogada has been one that is over a decade old at Lola's.

First Look: Long Beach’s Nonna Mercato takes on brunch in Bixby Knolls

Chef Cameron Slaugh's Italian heritage is fully taken on in Nonna Mercato's inaugural brunch menu—a concept that has been a year in the making.

LB Food Scene Week highlight: El Barrio’s new menu shows off chef’s love of SoCal (including birria lasagna)

From birria lasagna to bits of pescado chicharrón, Chef Ulises Pineda-Alfaro continues to stick to his L.A. roots.