Thursday, May 30, 2024

Community Guidelines

Welcome to Longbeachize! We’re all about celebrating Long Beach and its vibrant community. Here’s a quick guide to keep our space awesome for everyone:

Be Respectful

  • Let’s treat each other with kindness. Everyone’s voice matters here.
  • No hate or drama, please. Positive vibes only!

Join the Conversation

  • Share your thoughts and experiences, but let’s keep discussions constructive.
  • Respect privacy. Don’t share personal info without permission.

Share Your Stories

  • Got a cool article or event to share? We’re all ears! Just make sure it’s original content.
  • Photos and videos? Awesome! Just ensure you have the rights to share them.

Events & Local Highlights

  • Hosting an event or found a hidden gem in Long Beach? Let the community know!
  • Self-promotion is cool, especially if it’s about local events or places to check out.

Questions or Feedback?

Reach out to us anytime at We’re here to help!

Thanks for being a part of our community! šŸŒ“