Monday, March 4, 2024

In much needed expansion of the Black food scene, Taste of the Caribbean opens in Long Beach

Chef Bernard James, who started his Taste of the Caribbean food truck back in 2014 before opening Hollywood's sole brick-and-mortar dedicated to Caribbean food, has officially opened up shop in East Long Beach.

Viaje in Belmont Shore is home to Long Beach’s most underrated cocktail program

Viaje in Belmont Shore serves as one of the most underrated spaces when it comes to the growing cocktail game, with head bartender Tiquio Serratos exploring with Mexican spirits and ingredients that honor and uplift our neighbor to the south.

A look at the Madonna-themed cocktails for Long Beach’s queerest vinyl listening session

The Social List bar manager Erik Rios-Wentzky and local bar celeb and queer advocate Devon Jade have come up with a handful of beautiful, liquid odes to the Queen of Pop—all in the name of Long Beach Last Call's queerest event.

City Council approves 21-story, 203-unit Downtown Long Beach development

The Downtown Long Beach development project—a 21-story, 203-unit residential tower—will take over the space at 615 E. Ocean Blvd.

Thank the bicycle gods: A guide to the new curb-protected Long Beach bike lanes

Concrete curbs are real protection compared to plastic bollard posts that errant drivers regularly mow down—and the fact that four new Long Beach bike lanes feature them means there is hope.

New 710 freeway expansion proposal: Metro still plans to widen, doesn’t rule out residential demolitions

Metro's new 710 freeway widening proposal is not as bad as the mega-widening that Metro was hell-bent on a couple years ago, but there's still a lot of harmful freeway/ramp/road expansion, and precious little transit, walk and bike improvements

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Long Beach’s best vinyl listening club to host-queer centric session with Madonna’s ‘Erotica’

Long Beach Last Call—the 10-day celebration of our bar culture—is partnering with the Good Luck Vinyl Club for a queer-centric event that will listen to Madonna's controversial 1992 masterpiece, "Erotica."

Long Beach boxing fans and beyond: There’s a (literal) underground fight club at Harvelle’s

For Long Beach boxing fans, Jack Rabbit’s Boxing Social Club at Harvelle’s has become a space for watching many of our budding boxers spar before fame.

Over 20 tequilas and mezcals: Panxa shows off collection for private tasting

For Long Beach Last Call, Panxa will be hosting an array of some of the finest agave-centric distilleries—Tequila Ocho, Siete Leguas, Mezcal Vago, Nosotros, and more—that will allow ticket holders to taste over 20 variations of agave spirits for $30 come Saturday, Mar. 2.

Long Beach Mardi Gras festival—West Coast’s largest free party dedicated to Fat Tuesday—returns to Shoreline Village

Yes, the Long Beach Mardi Gras festival at Shoreline Village is the largest free Mardi Gras event on the West Coast—and is worth the visit each year.

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