Monday, February 26, 2024

Culture & Commentary

Long Beach’s 4th Horseman pizzeria to expand; Dark Art Emporium to move

The 4th Horseman—Long Beach's horrorcore-meets-metal, beer-gone-macabre, fuck-around-and-find-out-style of pies pizzeria—will be expanding: the Dark Art Emporium, the art gallery attached to the Horseman, will be moving over into the East Village Arts District next to House of Hayden while the Horseman will push into the gallery space for its expansion.

A look at the Madonna-themed cocktails for Long Beach’s queerest vinyl listening session

The Social List bar manager Erik Rios-Wentzky and local bar celeb and queer advocate Devon Jade have come up with a handful of beautiful, liquid odes to the Queen of Pop—all in the name of Long Beach Last Call's queerest event.

Long Beach’s best vinyl listening club to host-queer centric session with Madonna’s ‘Erotica’

Long Beach Last Call—the 10-day celebration of our bar culture—is partnering with the Good Luck Vinyl Club for a queer-centric event that will listen to Madonna's controversial 1992 masterpiece, "Erotica."

$77M Wilmington Waterfront Promenade is a win for entire region—especially Long Beach—when it opens this weekend

The transformation of Wilmington's waterfront—a three-part development that will see its second part, the Wilmington Waterfront Promenade, open this weekend—is the largest green space projects in one of the region's most air quality poor neighborhoods.

NOFX’s ‘Punk in Drublic’ farewell tour-meets-festival to end in San Pedro

When NOFX brings its farewell 'Punk in Drublic' tour mixed with a curated guest list of performers, a craft beer garden, and 40 songs performed by NOFX alone to its final performance, it will be in San Pedro at Berth 46.

Lyrics’n’Long Beach: Before you watch The Vince Staples Show, learn about the real, local places he’ll likely reference

If there is one thing to say about Long Beach rapper Vince Staples—beyond the obvious lyrical and melodic talents—it is that Staples is a cultural commentator like no other, a quiet observer and, in a very urban-meets-academic sense, an ethnographer. So it was only a certain amount of time before he was offered his own show—and Netflix has done that with The Vince Staples Show, premiering Feb. 15 on the streaming network.

Long Beach restaurants are testing the waters with late hours—but patrons need to stay up with them

Long Beach restaurants have long struggled with maintaining late hours, both pre- and post-COVID—and in a huge sense, it's the snake that eats itself: People consistently claim that they want places open later so a handful do but don't receive the patronage because it is presumed that, well, no one is open late.

Long Beach restaurants for sale: Seabirds, Little Coyote, Saltwater Deck, Steady Brewing, more looking for new owners

2023—despite the amount of great Long Beach restaurants, both new and old, releasing great dishes and the coming of nearly 25 new spaces this year—was a year of immense struggles and it is means that multiple Long Beach restaurants for sale will and are popping up. They already include some of the city's biggest food names, including Seabirds Kitchen, Little Coyote, Saltwater Deck, and more.

Meet Robert Brownwell, the Long Beach artist that crafts guitars tailored for other artists

Robert Brownwell—the Long Beach artist perched on the eighth floor of the historic Pacific Tower building at the northwest corner of Broadway and Long Beach Boulevard—has a deep love of guitars, one which stretches into his artistry far beyond music.

Long Beach’s Good Luck Vinyl Club enters 2024 with Snoop Dogg listening party, DJ Battlecat set

Long Beach's Good Luck Vinyl Club—the third-Tuesday-of-every-month vinyl listening event that focuses on a specific album of an artist and then the surrounding sounds of that very album—will open 2024 with a set from DJ Battlecat and a listening to Snoop Dogg.

The Port of Long Beach’s massive Pier B expansion project scored a huge grant—and how that affects those on the Westside

The Port of Long Beach will receive $283M from the federal government in order to further fund its $1.57B Pier B expansion project, set to begin breaking ground next year and continue through in phases until its completion in 2032.

Long Beach’s Shady Grove Foods said they were closing—so the mayor visited them with hope

The response to the future closure of Shady Grove Foods led to enormous online vitriol toward the City's handling of small business—leaving Mayor Rex Richardson no choice but to meet with them one-on-one to offer help and hope.

CSULB’s ‘Drag Show’ exhibit is an ode to the queer community of the ’80s and ’90s—and this is your last chance to see it

'Drag Show,' an exhibit at CSULB's Kleefeld museum, is more than an ode to the queer culture of the 1980s and '90s—it's an outright celebration of resilience.