Monday, June 17, 2024

Business Features

Candified doesn’t just give The Candy Queen a storefront—it represents everything beautiful about women friendships

Through the power of serendipity, commiseration, and sisterly love, Jackie Sorkin and Amy Mason have created a world which celebrates candy, color, and community.

Yes, Chef: This Long Beach baker made customized cookies for some of the folks behind ‘The Bear’

Alenni Chitwood went from innocently baking cookies for her kid's first birthday to having clients ranging from Lexus and Barbie to none other than FX's monumental restaurant drama, "The Bear."

After a coordinated homophobic clash, Casita Bookstore in Long Beach continues to thrive by loving everyone

The bookstore's entire aura is about letting kids be seen and represented as they wish to be—an irony considering a group of men coordinated an incident to tell them they were going to hell because a drag queen was reading books to children about empowerment, strength in self-identity, and being an overall good person.

FIRST LOOK: Baby Gee Bar in Long Beach unveils new cocktail menu (including the city’s best martini)

It is no surprise that Baby Gee Bar is a seasonal bar that uses seasonal ingredients—so their summer 2023 cocktail menu is an ode to California's farms while also expanding on their mocktail offerings.

Just one week in, The Wicked Wolf bar is already connecting with surrounding community

Not even a month into business, the owners of The Wicked Wolf—Wrigley's newest watering hole—have already found multiple ways to connect with the surrounding area and businesses, be it through special community nights or with partnerships with nearby restaurants.

Ghost kitchen meets dining hall: Partake Collective in Long Beach to offer kitchens for local, budding chefs

Ghost kitchens are one of the most dominating forces in the food industry, exploding mid-pandemic as people sought delivered meals—but Partake hopes to centralize that business in Long Beach by going local, taking over the former MHA Village space in DTLB.

Wine Country in Long Beach: How the generous, curious spirit of one man brought wine culture to our city

For nearly 30 years, Long Beach native Randy Kemner has been on a small-but-mighty mission: To hopefully alter one person's perception of wine at a time in the hopes that all of America's wine culture can become better.