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75+ breweries. 150+ beers. LA Beer Week’s Independent Beer Fest in Long Beach is massive


As with last year, where thousands descended upon Shoreline Aquatic Park in Downtown Long Beach, LA Beer Week and its Independent Beer Fest will once again invade Downtown Long Beach with the largest beer festival in SoCal. Come Saturday, June 15, the festival will bring over 75 breweries from the region and over 150 different beers with them.

What is LA Beer Week and the Independent Beer Fest?

The Los Angeles County extension of the Brewers’ Guild has been hosting LA Beer Week for 15 years officially, launching into an annual week-long celebration of the region’s craft beer scene. Along with that, they have hosted the Los Angeles Independent Beer Fest—and last year was the first time it was hosted in Long Beach.

Taking over the green space on June 15 from 1PM to 5PM (unless you invest in a VIP ticket, which will let you in at noon to score more beers with less lines), each of the breweries will have two beers—and that means 150 different beers to be tasted throughout the festival.

Historically speaking, the event has typically been hosted at the Los Angeles Center Studios area where the 110 borders DTLA and Westlake near 6th Street meets Beaudry—and given that, when the California Craft Beer Summit was hosted in Long Beach in 2018 due to construction issues at its home in Sacramento, it’s rather cool to see a larger entity recognize Long Beach a place worthy to host such a large event.

Is there anything happening in Long Beach besides the Independent Beer Fest?

Yessiree: ISM Brewing will be hosting the launch party on Friday, June 14 from noon to 10PM. They’ll be bringing Craft Beer LB—y’know, the brand behind the badass cursive “LB” hats that are to be found everywhere, including myself whenever I do videos—as well as taps on hand from Ambitious Ales, Ten Mile, Syncopated, Beachwood Brewing and Blendery, Altar Society, Trademark, Steady and Belmont Brewing.

And just as cool: Trademark Brewing—just off of celebrating its fifth anniversary—will be hosting the official festival afterparty. Check out all the details here.

You aren’t serious about over 75 breweries appearing at Independent Beer Fest, are you?

Yes, yes we are—and they include Long Beach all-stars: Altar Society, Ambitious, Beachwood/Blendery, ISM Brewing, Syncopated, Ten Mile, and Trademark. Don’t believe us? Count ’em up:

  1. 14 Cannons Brewing
  2. Absolution Brewing
  3. All Season
  4. Alosta Brewing
  5. Altar Society Brewing Company
  6. Ambitious Ales
  7. Angel City Brewery
  8. Angry Horse Brewing
  9. Arrow Lodge Brewing
  10. Arts District
  11. AudioGraph Brewing
  12. Beachwood Brewing / Beachwood Blendery
  13. Beer Thug Brewing
  14. Benny Boy Brewing
  15. Boomtown Brewery
  16. Bravery Brewing
  17. Brewjeria Company
  18. Brewyard Beer Company
  19. Brouwerij West
  20. Brown Soul Brewing
  21. Burning Bridge Brewing
  22. Burnin’ Daylight
  23. Campsite Brewing
  24. Cellador Ales
  25. Cerveceria Del Pueblo
  26. Claremont Craft Ales
  27. Common Space Brewery
  28. Creature Comforts Brewing
  29. Crowns & Hops
  30. Dutch’s Brewhouse/Syncopated Brewing
  31. El Segundo Brewing Co
  32. Eureka Brewing Company
  33. Far Field Brewing
  34. Firestone Walker Propagator
  35. Five Point Five Brewing
  36. Frogtown Brewing
  37. Hand-Brewed Beer
  38. Hermosa Brewing Company
  39. Highland Park Brewery
  40. Homage Brewing
  41. Hop Secret Brewing
  42. HopSaint Brewing
  43. ISM Brewing
  44. King Harbor Brewing
  45. LA Ale Works
  46. La Bodega Brewing Co
  47. La Jara Brewing Company
  48. La Verne Brewing
  49. LABG Disc Golf Team Collaboration Brew
  50. Lawless Brewing
  51. Lincoln Beer Co
  52. Long Beach Beer Lab
  53. Lucky Luke Brewing
  54. MacLeod Ale Brewing
  55. Malibu Brewing
  56. Monkish Brewing
  57. Mt. Lowe Brewing
  58. Ogopogo Brewing
  59. Old Stump Brewing
  60. Paperback Brewing
  61. Party Beer Co.
  62. Pocock Brewing
  63. Project Barley
  64. Sage Brews
  65. Santa Cruz Brewing
  66. Santa Monica Brew Works
  67. Scholb Premum Ales
  68. Shadow Grove Brewing
  69. Smog City Brewing
  70. Solarc Brewing Co
  71. Ten Mile Brewing
  72. Three Weavers Brewing
  73. Tortugo Brewing
  74. Trademark Brewing
  75. TrustedGut
  76. Trustworthy Brewing
  77. Two Tracks Cellars
  78. Whittier Brewing Co

Now go get your hops on.

Early bird tickets for both VIP and General Admission have already sold out, leaving $90 VIP (entry at noon) and $65 General Admission (entry at 1PM) tickets left. Designated drivers cost $20 to enter. The Independent Beer Fest by the Los Angeles County Brewers’ Guild will take place on June 15 and runs until 5PM. For tickets, click here.

Brian Addison
Brian Addison
Brian Addison has been a writer, editor, and photographer for more than a decade, covering everything from food and culture to transportation and housing. In 2015, he was named Journalist of the Year by the Los Angeles Press Club and has since garnered 25 nominations and three additional wins. In 2019, he was awarded the Food/Culture Critic of the Year across any platform at the National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards.



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