Sunday, June 16, 2024

Long Beach Food Scene Week

El Barrio’s new menu shows off chef’s love of SoCal (including birria lasagna)

From birria lasagna to bits of pescado chicharrón, Chef Ulises Pineda-Alfaro continues to stick to his L.A. roots.

Gemmae’s Kamayan plates are an ode to Filipino food’n’family—and will be only available for LB Food Scene Week at Gemmae Bake Shop

Also on special for Long Beach Food Scene Week from Gemmae will be a special collab pastry, where Don Papa rum and Edam cheese are combines for a sweet'n'savory treat.

Meet the woman trying to connect her community with chefs and cooking skills—steak dinner coming up for LB Food Scene Week

Abbey Metcalf ditched her corporate job mid-pandemic to focus on something more fulfilling—a discovered food is the best conduit for human connection.

The mole negro Thomas Keller has shipped from Oaxaca? Lola’s will be serving it for LB Food Scene Week

One of the world's most respected culinary gifts, mole negro Oaxaqueño is one of the most complex sauces on the planet—and Lola's will be offering a version shipped directly from one of Oaxaca's most respected chefs.

Long Beach Restaurant Week announces inaugural event with more than 40 spaces participating

LB Restaurant Week will be an annual, week-long celebration of Long Beach's rich and diverse culinary scene, honoring the resilience and creativity of the hospitality industry while also highlighting the many great restaurants throughout the city.