Friday, July 19, 2024

City Hall, State, & Federal Politics

The Port of Long Beach’s massive Pier B expansion project scored a huge grant—and how that affects those on the Westside

The Port of Long Beach will receive $283M from the federal government in order to further fund its $1.57B Pier B expansion project, set to begin breaking ground next year and continue through in phases until its completion in 2032.

Rep. Robert Garcia on Long Beach food’s scene, its evolution, and 3AM fettuccine alfredo

Rep. Robert Garcia is a growing star on The Hill—but he is a true foodie at heart.

Long Beach Mayor proposes an amphitheater near the Queen Mary—which makes perfect cultural sense

While there were many things to be considered in Mayor Rex Richardson's proposed budget for 2024, one of the most culturally significant things isn't being heavily highlighted.

Our city deserves a designated Long Beach LGBTQ district—and it’s more than just the naming of it

The city's proposed LGBTQ+ district is not only a long time in the making from a political perspective, but one in which queer history is intimately attached to a public project like never before in Long Beach.

‘Cannibalization of the Black community:’ Residents voice concerns as historic Black core faces divvying via redistricting

While much of the redistricting conversation has revolved around the Cambodian leadership push to unify its own, many Black residents—hindered by a lack of communication and access to information—feel they are being pushed out of a conversation that affects them the most adversely.