Thursday, May 30, 2024


Supervisor Hahn calls for no residential demolitions in Metro’s 710 Freeway Corridor Project

"[For 710 Freeway expansion] Metro needs to commit itself to zero residential property takes. [Metro] should have as one its top priorities ensuring that our projects do not result in kicking people out of their homes."

Thank the bicycle gods: A guide to the new curb-protected Long Beach bike lanes

Concrete curbs are real protection compared to plastic bollard posts that errant drivers regularly mow down—and the fact that four new Long Beach bike lanes feature them means there is hope.

New 710 freeway expansion proposal: Metro still plans to widen, doesn’t rule out residential demolitions

Metro's new 710 freeway widening proposal is not as bad as the mega-widening that Metro was hell-bent on a couple years ago, but there's still a lot of harmful freeway/ramp/road expansion, and precious little transit, walk and bike improvements

The Port of Long Beach’s massive Pier B expansion project scored a huge grant—and how that affects those on the Westside

The Port of Long Beach will receive $283M from the federal government in order to further fund its $1.57B Pier B expansion project, set to begin breaking ground next year and continue through in phases until its completion in 2032.

First look inside Long Beach’s massive Shoemaker Bridge replacement project

City of Long Beach staff met with the community to discuss the replacement of the Shoemaker Bridge, one of the city's largest infrastructure project.

This is what California’s high speed train could look like leaving and coming into DTLA’s upgraded Union Station

Train geeks can dream: A new animation beautifully shows off what a through-track system at Union Station could look like.

Long Beach to Azusa in less than two hours: Metro’s Regional Connector opens June 16 (free rides included)

A decade in the making, th Metro Regional Connector—one of the country's largest transit infrastructure projects—will officially open June 16, connecting the foothills to the beaches.

Saltwater Deck adapts and evolves—even as construction cuts off idyllic setting

Editor's note: The owners have asked to have their last names removed from the article.Long Beach's waterfront has been undergoing its biggest update in...