Saturday, March 2, 2024

Gallery Exhibits & Art Showcases

Long Beach Lost: The stained glass house on the sands of Long Beach, ‘Camouflage House’

Part of Long Beach Walls's 2021 collection of art, 'Camouflage House' greeted passersby on the shore of Long Beach with its array of colors, reflections, and hope—and was one of the city's coolest art installations.

CSULB’s latest installation cements it as Long Beach’s finest collection of sculptures

The installation—the first sculpture unveiled on the campus's grounds in nearly 30 years—is a testament to the university's dedication to creating one of the region's most rich collection of freely accessible sculptures, now totaling nearly 20 formal sculptures spread across the CSULB campus.

Dark Art Emporium’s new, double-artist exhibit not only happily dances with the macabre—it helps actually sell art for artists

These fine words from Dark Art Emporium co-owner Jeremy Schott have always the perfect description of the gallery that has long existed has a...