Friday, July 19, 2024


Why the most recent Beach Streets was easily Long Beach’s best (and why our streets are more than things for cars)

This year's Beach Streets event was genuinely its best yet: Fully activated hubs, a genuinely communal feel that superseded formally sanctioned happenings, and a continual presence of walkers, bicyclists, strollers, skaters...

Bike share for $5 per year? City of Long Beach says, ‘Yes—bike share for all’

In a move toward further transit and accessibility equity, the City of Long Beach has launched its Bike Share for All program, where eligible applicants can access it for $5 per year. Yes, five dollars.

With car-centric plans put forth for Santa Fe, West Long Beach pedestrians and bicyclists could lose out without speaking up

Despite the city's Master Bicycle Plan calling for Santa Fe Avenue in West Long Beach to be a much more protected street for bicyclists and pedestrians, plans as proposed downsize that safety.

Metro service reductions, due to labor shortages, could have massive effects in LB and beyond

Danny Hom, Long Beach native and Chair of Metro's Gateway Cities council, depends on a handful of bus lines from Metro's network of services,...