Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Long Beach

Public Programming & Space

Long Beach wants to update the Belmont Shore sign—but not before hearing from you first

Termites have infested the decades-old wooden signs greeting visitors and residents—so the update is needed, despite the aesthetic of the sign voters opt for.

This is what California’s high speed train could look like leaving and coming into DTLA’s upgraded Union Station

Train geeks can dream: A new animation beautifully shows off what a through-track system at Union Station could look like.

Two instead of one: Long Beach to open giant inflatable water playgrounds in two locations tomorrow

The massive, inflatable water park was such a success in 2022 that the city is expanding it to include a location at Bayshore Avenue on top of its original Alamitos Beach location.

The strips of green on Ocean Boulevard? They’re parks—and their decades-old design guides are being updated

Victory and Santa Cruz Parks have been both cherished and lovingly mocked by city planners and green space lovers alike—sad little strips that harken to an era where the bluff in DTLB was once more nature-like—but that doesn't mean they're not worthy of attention, care, and love.

Saltwater Deck adapts and evolves—even as construction cuts off idyllic setting

Editor's note: The owners have asked to have their last names removed from the article.Long Beach's waterfront has been undergoing its biggest update in...

Long Beach receives $30M to realign Shoreline Drive, expand Cesar Chavez Park

The massive undertaking will increase the green space of Cesar Chavez Park and push the northbound Shoreline Drive side toward the easternmost edge of the Los Angeles River.

A giant, inflatable water park is coming to Alamitos Beach on June 25—free and open to the public

Continuing to modify and take on the waterfront to create more engaging spaces, the Wibit is one of the city's most water-focused public spaces in decades.

Beach Streets returns with Gayborhood-to-DTLB event (yes, Pride party at Bixby Park included)

Tens of thousands of people have participated in the car-free events that allows bicyclists, skaters, walkers, and more to roam the streets safely—and this year, things are about to get more colorful.