Friday, March 1, 2024

Outside Long Beach

Lyrics’n’Long Beach: Before you watch The Vince Staples Show, learn about the real, local places he’ll likely reference

If there is one thing to say about Long Beach rapper Vince Staples—beyond the obvious lyrical and melodic talents—it is that Staples is a cultural commentator like no other, a quiet observer and, in a very urban-meets-academic sense, an ethnographer. So it was only a certain amount of time before he was offered his own show—and Netflix has done that with The Vince Staples Show, premiering Feb. 15 on the streaming network.

Praise the rolled taco gods: How the OG, San Diego-based Adalberto’s quietly slipped into Long Beach

For many who have depended on the yes-but-not-quite San Diego-style of La Taqueria Mexicana on 4th, there is a sense of joy that, very quietly, the Adalberto's family has decided to expand well beyond San Diego and opened their first shop quietly on 7th Street last year.

Miss Beachwood Brewing in Downtown Long Beach? Don’t skip out on their Huntington Beach pizzeria

Yes, there is a certain lament at the loss of Beachwood Brewing in Downtown Long Beach—but that has been more than covered by Ian McCall and the crew at ISM Brewing, from their stellar beer to their solid food offerings. But sometimes the pang of nostalgia is far too heavy—and we want to return to days when one could sit at a counter, eat some grub, and order a Beachwood brew inside a Beachwood space.

The Long Beach pizzerias reppin’ the city for L.A.’s massive Pizza City Fest

Five Long Beach pizzerias—Speak Cheezy, La Parolaccia, Nonna Mercato, L'Antica da Michele, and Little Coyote—will be reppin' Long Beach at this year's second annual Pizza City Fest, the region's largest festival dedicated to the mighty pie.

Michelin-recognized Chef Imran Ali Mookhi to open Desi-focused Shor restaurant in Hawaiian Gardens (premium mocktail bar included)

In Fullerton, Chef Imran Ali Mookhi—the chef behind Fullerton's Michelin-recognized Khan Saab—will be opening his Desi-focused Shor restaurant in Hawaiian Gardens come 2024.

Long Beach coffee scene continues to alter as Cafablanca, donation-based coffee cart, moves to Downtown L.A.

The Long Beach coffee scene is changing and evolving continuously—and this bittersweet change is one that Alamitos Beach will certainly have a pang in its heart over.