Monday, March 4, 2024


Long Beach needs its visitors bureau—so what is, if any, the controversy surrounding the Long Beach Convention Center?

The CVB—what is the Long Beach Convention Center and its Visitors Bureau—is separating into two different entities. That is not controversial but a good thing no matter which angle is examined.

Long Beach’s inaugural Sake Day proved itself to be the most underrated drink event in the city

Long Beach's inaugural Sake Day event was nothing short of stellar, helping SoCal move beyond the sake bomb and into the art behind quality sake.

Long Beach Bartenders Guild closes a gap in the local hospitality industry that’s existed for too long

Yes, amid the tables lined with pours of various tequilas and mezcals from Nosotros—a tequileria and mezcaleria that has bases in both Jalisco and...

Long Beach has scored its first Michelin star—but the Guide’s importance in SoCal (and the world) needs to be dismissed in the modern world

There is no question this is an accolade—but therein lies another question: Should this accolade mean something for an organization that dismissed our entire region?

The appearance of Long Beach butch queer Angie Evans on RuPaul’s Drag Race is much more important than it seems

Queer unity can often be filtered through a rose-tinted lens—but for a show as campy as RuPaul's Drag Race can be, this particular episode featuring a Long Beach business owner seizing her vulnerability opens the door for many future, rich conversations for queers.

Long Beach deserves a designated LGBTQ+ district—and it’s more than just the naming of it

The city's proposed LGBTQ+ district is not only a long time in the making from a political perspective, but one in which queer history is intimately attached to a public project like never before in Long Beach.

Snoop Dogg, Tupac producer Battlecat played for Altruism music series in DTLB—and why that is important for Long Beach

SoCal hip hop legend DJ Battlecat played to a packed, sold-out show at the Edison in DTLB as part of the Altruism music series, which is an important cog in shifting Long Beach's music into the future.

Jordanian and Long Beach love: Ammatolí’s dinner with Chef Ali Ghzawi reflects the beauty of our city’s best restaurant

There is much to be said about the stellar collaboration dinner between Ammatolí's Chef Dima Habibeh and Alee's Chef Ali Ghzawi—but the most powerful part was its unabashed display of Jordanian love.